Friday, 27 June 2014

My Zanzibar Trip by Caroline Mhazo

Jambo!! The expression that you will become very familiar with in a few minutes of landing on the beautiful spice island.  It means Hello in Swahili and always delivered with a smile! 

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Zanzibar Airport

As soon as we landed on Abeid Amani Karume International Airport, I suddenly felt overdressed in my early morning Jo'burg outfit of jeans, boots and a hooded jacket. We went at the end of May 2014, so the winter had just kicked off in Jo'burg and yet the weather in Zanzibar is always warm and I’m not really a winter person so I felt right at home.

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The highlight of my Stone Town tour was the fish market

I enjoyed the Stone Town tour, this little town has a lot of history and you better have your camera ready.  The local markets sell meat, different types of fruits and fish.  Watch out for the scooters which race up and down the streets! The highlight of my Stone Town tour was the fish market.  My colleague and I went inside a structure where a fish auction was underway.  The highest bidder gets the first pick of the ocean’s bounty at the most reasonable price, after which market rules of demand and supply take over. I was awe struck by the market activities, busy snapping away at the proceedings when the next thing I noticed was my poor colleague having a completely different experience trying to keep her breakfast down. She ran out of the auction defeated by the strong smell of entrepreneurship.  I guess the fish market is strictly not for the faint hearted. As part of the excursions, there are different tours in Zanzibar, you can go for Safari Blue, Spice Tour, Prison Island Tours, Jozani Forest Tour, Kizimkazi Dolphin Tour. It is also the perfect place for both experienced and new divers.  Snorkeling, as well as different water sports can be easily organized at any of the hotels.

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The white sandy beaches in Zanzibar are breathtaking.
As a travel consultant I had the privilege of visiting more than 20 hotels and I fell in love with the swimming pools. Most of the hotels have more than 1 pool so if you don’t feel like being in the ocean, you can always swim at the resort.

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The people of Zanzibar were very welcoming and made us feel at home. The exotic dishes and spices offer a memorable culinary adventure.

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Infinity pool, infinity fun!!

I would like to extend a special thanks to Karafuu Beach Resort & Spa, Meli√° Zanzibar and Royal Zanzibar for accommodating us at your beautiful resorts.  Thank you SunTours team for taking us around the Island and a very big Thank you to AfricaStay for the experience of a lifetime!! 

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Caroline Mhazo in Zanzibar

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